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Let’s Build a Profitable and a Scalable Business

Watch this video to learn how you can partner directly with us to Design, Validate and Scale your business to 50 Lakhs- 9 Cr a month in revenues....

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We‘ve GOT THE ART AND SCIENCE OF CREATING A Profitable and a Scalable Business

The secret to transforming your business building system from a gut-based Business to an Evidence-based Business lies in Smart Innovation and using a Proven Omni Channel Marketing and Sales System. We’ve painstakingly tested, validated, and optimized each component required for Innovation, Marketing and sales System to grow your business that actually brings results…

This unique formulation of systems, unparalleled support and technology can work in virtually any business model or level of experience...


Here's a quick outline of the exact steps we'll take together to design, validate and scale your Innovation, marketing and sales system for your Business….


First, click the button below and pick a convenient time to speak with tenX team strategist who has the skills to quickly diagnose your current business, marketing and sazles situation and help you get clear on the specific steps you should be taking to exceed your sales and marketing goals.

Next you'll have the opportunity to explore working with our team, systems and platform to accelerate your progress and increase your odds of success (and maybe even have a ton of fun too!)...

Only after you're crystal clear on how our program works and we're both 100% confident that signing up is the absolutely best decision for you and your business, you'll be invited to enroll, which is when the transformation begins... 

Access New Possibilities

Within just minutes after you enroll, you'll take comfort in knowing you're finally plugged-in to the perfect "growth environment!"

You will have immediate access to our framework sheets and forms and the exact action steps to Design, Launch and Scale Your business

Then We will Map Out Every Detail and Design, Validate and Scale your Idea or Currrent Business

Most agencies directly get into the mold running ads, or direct response marketing, that only solves one small piece of the marketing puzzle (YouTube, email marketing, copywriting, blogging, etc.)...

While this approach can be effective for products or services in advanced stage of growth, most entrepreneurs need to focus on designing a value proposition, Business Model and an offer that is profitable and scalable

This is the core reason most Entrepreneurs struggle: in the absence of a complete roadmap or strategy, they suffer from information overload and tech overwhelm!

When you partner with tenXresults, you'll follow a very detailed and proven process that offers the "whole puzzle" - every step, from designing your value proposition, Business Model, Offer to crafting your message, Ads, sales funnel, Ecomm Store and beyond - all with the highest levels of Consulting and Execution

Here's what we'll build together...


We'll take a systematic approach to understand your customer segments Pains, Gains, Jobs to be done, Fear, Frustrations, Wants and Aspiration and then iterate your products or services features, benefits, Solutions, Fulfillment, and Reliefs and design a great fit between your Product or Services and the customer segment

STEP 2: Create a Powerful Business Model

A Strong Value Proposition needs a Viable, Feasible, Desirable and an Adaptable Business Model, We will map your Business Model on this One Page Business Canvas and ensure that you are building the right model to create a Profitable and Scalable Model.

STEP 3: Create an Irresistible Offer

We would create a HIGH ROI Irresistible Offer for you that has a strong foundation, High Believability, and Credibility for your target Audience

We will use the Following Marketing Sequence

Ads -- Funnel -- Ecomm store -- Appointment Generation -- Conversion

And the Ask Method

To Validate your Value Proposition, Business Model, and Offer...

STEP 4: Pilot

We Create a Pilot Marketing Sequence with ads, Funnels and Basic Ecom store or Sales Team to test the uptake with the target

STEP 5: Pivot

Most of the pilot test doesn’t work the first time, however, gives us a lot of insights and we use those insights to pivot into different approaches to find the one that works for our business

STEP 6: Optimize

Once we figure out the right ad , sales funnel, Ecomm Store Design, or Appointment Generation and sales Script that works, we begin to optimize and make it world class

Third Phase: Scale

Now that we have a Validated Value Proposition, Business Model, Offer and the Marketing Sequence,
it is time to Scale

Here are the Next Steps we will take Together

STEP 7: Branding and Positioning

We will create your Brand Story, Symbols and Strategy and position the company, brand as a Celebrity Authority in your field

STEP 8: Marketing Automation

We would set up complete Marketing automation with Prospecting and Retargeting ads, Front End and Back end Funnels, Email Nurturing Sequence and much much more…

STEP 9: Mass Conversion

We will hire, train and manage your sales team 

Everything you need to Design, Launch and Scale your Business with one Powerful tenX Innovation, Marketing and Sales System….

Pick a convenient time to speak to a tenXresults certified strategist who has the skills to quickly diagnose your current business and marketing situation and help you get clear on the specific steps you should be taking to exceed your sales and marketing goals.


Simple. We built a Holistic Consulting and Execution Model to allow us to provide unparalleled levels of Innovation, Marketing and Sales System at 70-80% less than other Consulting firms and agencies can charge…

Business Growth Consulting and Execution Ecosystem was fragmented so we fixed it

You see, up until today, there were multiple agencies that a start up entrepreneur or an SME would need to design, validate and Scale their businesses, eg

First: The cost of hiring each of these agencies together were prohibitive 

Second: Bringing all these agencies together was another key task as different agencies have different priorities and would want to share their input readily with the next one..

Third: Ownership of certain critical tasks that would require expertise from multiple agencies would fall back on the entrepreneur who may not be an expert on everything or would not be able to set up right KRAS for each task

So given these three previously available options, you can see why so few folks ever launch a marketing system that actually works. It's not lack of desire or motivation, it's simply that the system was broken: you either have little money to invest but tons of time to struggle and hope to someday figure it out, or you have money to invest but don't have a scalable offer to invest in...




Ok I know that sounds super weird - but check this out. Any significant innovation is born from a broken default system. Take Uber for example. Using smart technology to build a platform that rendered the antiquated model of taxi cabs and dispatchers obsolete...

Same for Airbnb...A relatively simple platform that allowed every day folks like you and me to rent out extra space (they actually started our renting a sofa in a small apartment during a local trade show). Now they beat Hilton and other large hotel chains in consumer spending!

Netflix did the same to the home movie space: When's the last time you walked into a Blockbuster hoping to find an available copy of Kindergarten Cop (and 3 Lb. bag of Sour Patch Kids)...

Think about it for a sec: for decades, people had come to accept these things. Standing in line on a freezing January night fighting to hail down another cigarette smoke-filled taxi cab, paying exorbitant fees for poorly decorated musty motel rooms, and paying crazy late fees for cheap VHS tapes that were harder to get your hands on than a greased pig at a luau...

And the same was true for Creating a New Business from scratch...

Until now...

We have the systems, Strategy, and Execution teams, and if you have the desire and expertise to build a Profitable and Scalable Business!


Cheack out these kind words from awesome clients representing virtually every business model, revenue level and location - together we grow! 

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